What are Tuflex® Roundslings1

Lift-All® Tuflex® Roundslings are an endless synthetic sling made from a continuous loop of polyester yarn that is covered by a double wall tubular jacket. The inner roundsling body can be compared to sling webbing with the outer tubular jacket being woven without binder yarns connecting it to the interior sling; this allows the core yarns to move independently within the jacket.


The double wall Tufhide jacket is constructed from bulked nylon fibers, this helps provide the durable Tufhide jacket with better abrasion resistance. The Tufhide jacket also reduces the heat buildup that can damage high capacity roundslings when used in a choker hitch. Shop for Lift-All® Tuflex® Roundslings at Tanner now.


All Lift-All slings meet or exceed OSHA and ASME B30.9 standards and regulations.


Why Choose Tuflex® Roundslings?

Tuflex® Roundslings Promote Safety

  • Lightweight reduces fatigue and strain on riggers
  • Synthetic materials won’t cut hands
  • Consistent matched lengths for better multiple sling load control
  • No loss of strength from abrasion to cover
  • Tuff-Tag provides serial numbered identification for traceability
  • Low stretch (about 3% at rated capacity) – reduces sling and load abrasion – good for low headroom lifts
  • Conforms to shape of load to grip securely
  • Load bearing yarns protected from UV degradation
  • Red striped white core yarns provide added visual warning of sling damage
  • Color coding provides positive sling capacity information

Tuflex® Roundslings Save You Money2

  • Double-wall cover for greater sling life
  • Softcover won’t scratch load surface
  • Conforms to shape of load for reduced load damage
  • Seamless – no sewn edges to rupture prematurely, requiring removal from service
  • EN360 and larger Tuflex feature Tufhide wear-resistant nylon jacket for extra sling life
  • Tuff-Tag provides required OSHA information for the life of the sling, not just the life of the tag

Tuflex® Roundslings Save You Time

  • Color coded capacities for quick identification
  • Light weight and pliable for easy rigging and storage
  • Independent core yarns choke tightly, but release easily after use
  • Easy to carry – high strength to weight ratio for easy transportation

Tuflex® vs Sling Webbing

Tuflex® (Top) Sling Webbing (Bottom) Side Views


Tuflex® Roundsling protects the entire load carrying core yarns from abrasion with an independent, double wall woven jacket. Replacement is not necessary until the red striped white core yarns can be seen through holes in the jacket. When core yarns are visible, the sling must be removed from service. Tuflex® roundslings provide double wall protection for extended sling life.


Sling Webbing

Sling Webbing has its surface yarns connected from side to side, this protects the core yarns and helps position all surface and tensile yarns to work together to support the load. When wear or damage is done to the sling webbing face yarns, there is an immediate loss in strength. This is why sling webbing has red core yarns to visually reveal damage and act as a basis for sling rejection.


Safety Tips When Using Tuflex® Roundslings

Protect Roundslings from Damage

Always protect slings from cuts or damage by corners, edges and protrusions by using sufficient protection for each application. Never ignore signs of wearing or cut marks. Be sure to check out our selection of Sling Protection Pads here!


Sling Hardware and Connections

The connection surfaces of hardware must be smooth to avoid abrading or cutting the roundsling. Slings can also be weakened by excessive compression between the sling and connection point. Be sure to select the proper connection hardware that conforms to size requirements.


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