Below is an example of a label that is found on United Abrasive grinding wheels with all pertinent information a user needs to operate the wheel.

Section A:

  • “A24R-BF”
  • This is the marking system used to identify wheel type.
  • “A” – primary grain used to make the wheel, A= Aluminum Oxide
  • “24” – size of the abrasive grain
  • “R”- hardness of the bond, R is medium
  • “BF”- type of bond used, BF is Resinoid Reinforced

Section B:

  • “General Purpose Grinding On All Ferrous Metal”
  • This is a general description of the wheel.

Section C:

  • “4-1/2 x 1/4”
  • This is simply the size of the wheel in inches.
  • “4-1/2” is the diameter
  • “1/4” is the thickness of the grinding wheel.

Section D:

  • Type 27- wheel configuration
  • 7/8 – arbor size
  • #20063- part number

Section E:

  • Grind- short application description

Section F:

  • Each wheel will display a tool icon for easy selection

Section G:

  • 13,300- Maximum RPM

Bar code and Safety Information is included on every wheel in the lower left hand corner.

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