Heavy Duty, Vibration Resistant, Self-Locking Sleeve Anchor: The Power-Bolt by Powers Fasteners

The Power-Bolt by Powers Fasteners is a heavy duty, vibration resistant, self-locking sleeve anchor. The Power-Bolt is available in two different head styles: a finished hex head or flat head with a hex key insert. These anchors are made out of Zinc Plated Carbon Steel (Finished Hex Head and Flat Head) and also Type 304 Stainless Steel (Finished Hex Head). The internal bolt of the Power-Bolt is removable and reusable in the same anchor sleeve. This makes it suitable for applications such as mounting machinery which may need to be removed for service and for temporary applications such as heavy duty form work.

The Power-Bolt is designed to have expansion occur at two locations within the drilled hole for maximum hold. At first the cone is pulled into the large triple-tined expansion sleeve, developing a mid-level compression force. Further tightening causes the threaded bolt to advance into the threads of the expander cone, forcing its four sections outwards. The expander cone engages the base material deep inside the anchor hole, greatly increasing the holding power of the Power-Bolt. The bolt and cone remain locked together which prevents loosening under vibratory conditions. Along with the expansion inside the anchor hole, the Power-Bolt is designed to draw the fixture into full bearing against the base material through the action of its flexible compression ring. The compression ring with crush if necessary, while the anchor is being tightened, to tightly secure the fixture against the face of the base material.

General Applications and Uses

  • Column base plates and mechanical equipment
  • Dock bumpers and support ledgersHex Head Power-Bolt
  • Racking and railing attachments

Features and Benefits

  • High load capacity
  • Two-level expansion mechanism
  • Internal high strength bolt is removable and reusable
  • Compression zone in sleeve clamps fixture to the base material
  • Low profile finished head design

Suitable Base Materials

  • Normal-Weight Concrete
  • Structural Lightweight ConcreteFlat Head Power-Bolt
  • Grouted Concrete Masonry (CMU)
  • Hollow CMU
  • Brick Masonry
  • Stone

2 thoughts on “Heavy Duty, Vibration Resistant, Self-Locking Sleeve Anchor: The Power-Bolt by Powers Fasteners”

  1. We are looking for an epoxy type ¾” or 7/8” adhesive anchor bolt for vibrating service, we will be placing a Compressor skid on a concrete pad.

    Please advise of pricing and availability.

  2. Based on your question we were unsure if you were looking for an adhesive anchor to use alone or if you wanted to use an adhesive anchor along with a mechanical anchor. Typically adhesive anchors are used along with threaded rod. While mechanical anchors are used without any adhesive.

    Our suggestion for an adhesive anchor would be the AC100+ Gold Adhesive Anchor (AC100+ Gold Adhesive Anchor can be found on our site here). This product is rated for both cracked and uncracked concrete, as well being qualified for seismic and wind loading. Along with this adhesive anchor we can provide you with some Threaded Rod (Threaded Rod can be found on our site here) and Nord-Lock Wedge Lock Washers (Nord-Lock Wedge Lock Washers can be found on our site here). These washers are recognized for their ability to safely secure joints exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads.

    Our suggestion for a mechanical anchor would be the Power Bolt+ Code Compliant, Heavy Duty Sleeve Anchors (Power Bolt+ HD Sleeve Anchors can be found on our site here). These anchors are rated for cracked and uncracked concrete, as well being qualified for seismic and wind loading. These anchors can be installed on their own without the use of an adhesive.

    If you have any other questions or concerns please email us as websales@tannerbolt.com for further help.

    Thanks again for your inquiry and for your convenience all the solutions we suggested above are linked to our site below:
    AC100+ Gold Adhesive Anchoring
    Threaded Rod
    Nord-Lock Wedge Lock Washers
    Power Bolt+ Heavy Duty Sleeve Anchors

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