Every worker needs a reliable pair of cut-resistant gloves on the job site. No matter how careful you are with knives and other sharp tools, accidents can happen—and that’s where proper PPE comes into play.

Not only do you want cut-resistant gloves to come in for the save, but you also want a quality pair with high cut resistance, durability, and comfort. The G-TEK® 3GX™ cut-resistant gives you all of this in one convenient package. 

Let’s dive into the G-TEK® 3GX™ gloves and what makes them the perfect gloves for every worker on the job site. 


G-TEK® 3GX™ Gloves Offer More

G-TEK 3GX gloves

Stronger – High Durability

Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber is more durable and will outperform typical HPPE fiber. G-Tek® 3GX™ gloves with Dyneema® Diamond Technology offer substantially greater abrasion resistance than gloves containing fiberglass or aramids. Wear, wash, and repeat with these gloves without having to worry about sacrificing performance.

Safer – 2X the Cut Resistance

G-Tek® 3GX’s proprietary yarns with Dyneema® Diamond Technology allow its gloves to reach unprecedented levels of cut resistance. Dyneema® Diamond Technology increases the cut resistance of yarn by 200% compared to standard Dyneema® fiber.

Better – Total Comfort

Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber is far lighter than most fibers used in cut resistance gloves. Dyneema® Diamond Technology fibers will retain less heat and leave your hands feeling cooler. These fibers are also very flexible and resist breakage, assuring comfort on your skin.


Protect Your Hands with the Best

Due to the overwhelming demand for cut-resistant gloves and sleeves, PIP Protective Industrial Products has greatly expanded its lines of seamless cut-resistant gloves and sleeves over the past few years. PIP gloves are manufactured using the latest in yarn and grip technology, offering better protection and more user flexibility. PIP offers a number of different styles of gloves that are extensively used in the industrial, construction, and food processing industries.

G-TEK 3GX gloves

Great White® 3GX™ Seamless Knit Dyneema® Diamond Blended Gloves

Used for electronics, glass cutting, sheet metal handling, parts assembly, sharp small parts handling, construction, and other general duty applications.

Great White® 3GX™ Seamless Knit Dyneema® Diamond Blended Gloves

Glove Features:

  • Seamless construction offers increased comfort and breathability
  • Dyneema® Diamond & Lycra shell is lightweight and provides excellent dexterity, tactile sensitivity, and cut resistance
  • Polyurethane grip for great abrasion resistance, excellent puncture resistance, and outstanding wet/dry grip
  • Knit Wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove
  • Cotton color binding denotes sizing
  • Washable, resistant to chemicals, water, and ultraviolet light

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PIP Redefines Hand Protection with the Introduction of G-TEK® 3GX™

Over the years, workers on assembly lines and job sites across the US have demanded gloves with skin-tight dexterity and comfort, all while providing the highest level of cut protection. PIP listened to these demands and undertook the challenge to solve these problems. After searching for the best solution, PIP managed to develop the most comprehensive line of high-performance cut-resistant gloves to meet the needs of every job – The G-Tek® 3GX™ Line of Cut Resistant Gloves.


G-Tek® 3GX™ Cut Resistant Gloves bring together innovative materials and form-fitting design with multiple coating technologies to bring you the best cut-resistant performance. These unparalleled and unrivaled gloves are made out of proprietary yarns containing Dyneema® Diamond Technology, The World's Strongest Fiber, to produce the best-performing work gloves in the world. Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber is 2X STRONGER than standard Dyneema®. G-Tek® 3GX™ seamless knit gloves with Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber take cut-resistant gloves to the next level.

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