Flex Technology

With the harsh winter winding down, it’s a good time to check out the damage that has been caused by the vast amounts of inclement weather. A huge danger from this type of prolonged inclement weather is delayed embrittlement failures. These failures are caused by the presence of hydrogen which is generated in dissimilar metal applications. Galvanic reactions between dissimilar metals such as aluminum and steel, in the presence of moisture, reduces detrimental hydrogen. This can destroy the integrity of fastener grain boundaries, leading to sudden and potentially catastrophic failures.

To cope with such failures, Elco Construction Products has developed a line of products that utilize Flex Technology. This state of the art technology incorporates high performance and near immunity to these delayed embrittlement failures. These fasteners are made from special alloy materials that receive proprietary heat treatments and tempering processes. The Flex Technology line of products far exceed any standard fastening formats available. They allow designers and system manufacturers to manage their risks and enhance the performance of critical connections. All Flex Technology products also feature Stalgard durable, multi-layer, corrosion-resistant coatings, which are engineered to provide optimal performance in demanding construction applications. These finishes are environmentally friendly and are free of chromates and silicates, that might induce hydrogen embrittlement, preventing structural failures. To be sure you have the best fasteners for critical connections on the market, shop for Flex Technology Fasteners here at TannerBolt.com.

Fasteners For Aluminum Applications and Anchors For Concrete ApplicationsSelf-Drilling & Self-Tapping Screws For Metal


Typical Flex Technology applications include:
Dissimilar metal applications
Windows, doors & skylights
Blast protection systems
Solar panel racking support systems
Building enclosures/envelope
Curtain wall systems, stone facades
Insulated metal panels


Flex Technology fasteners available here at Tanner include the following products.