Tanner recently added a new line to our product offerings: Metacaulk® Firestopping Products.

*New for 2019 – Tanner has added a new line of 3M Firestop / Barrier Products*

Since firestopping products are new to some of our customers, I’m linking to a presentation that gives a crash course on fire-stopping.

Here’s what the Firestopping 101 presentation covers:

  • What is firestopping?
  • How “fire compartments” reduce the spread of fire
  • Which building areas are usually responsible for fire & smoke spreading?
  • How do fire-stopping products work?
  • Typical firestopping products
  • Standards method of fire tests of through-penetration firestops (ASTM E814 / UL 1479)
  • What is a through-penetration firestop system
  • What is a fire-rated joint system?
  • Building codes that require firestop
  • Key firestop terms and definitions

Firestopping 101 Presentation (PDF)

If you have any questions or want to know more about firestopping, just let us know.