Shims are designed to take up space to make leveling, aligning, positioning & adjusting easier while you working. Without the versatility of shims, this work would be much harder and would result in a less than ideal end product. Shims are widely used for a number of different applications across all types of industries. Read on to learn more about how shims help with different applications and the types of shims you should be used in these applications.

What Type of Shims Should I Use?Precast Concrete & Tilt-Up Concrete Construction

Precast Concrete & Tilt-Up Concrete Construction

  • Help align panels vertically and horizontally before attachment
  • Maintain joint spacing before final attachment
  • Level and align panels in preparation for final attachment
  • Cushion the edges of panels as they are tilted up into final position
  • Level and support panels before grouting

Flat Plate Shims, Horseshoe Shims, U-Shaped Shims & Keyslot ShimsGlass Installation

Glass Installation

  • Align the frames for proper spacing and flatness
  • Help prevent movement before glass can be secured in place
  • Cushion the edges of glass to protect from damage

Flat Plate Shims, Horseshoe Shims, U-Shaped Shims, Wedge Shims & Stackable Shims

Windows & DoorsWindows & Doors

  • Align doors and frames while fastening them in place
  • Align panels vertically and horizontally
  • Separate glass panels

Flat Plate Shims, U-Shaped Shims, Wedge Shims & Stackable Shims


  • Help create temporary or permanent joint spacing
  • Align materials vertically and horizontally
  • Help relieve stress before the mortar is completely set
  • Prevent damage and cushion more brittle materials before they are fixed or sealed in place

Flat Plate Shims, Wedge Shims & Stackable Shims


  • Help restore level and structural soundness, to make restoration work safer
  • Re-level floors, foundations and concrete bearing surfaces
  • For non-standard construction methods in older buildings, custom shims may be needed for an affordable solution

Flat Plate Shims, Wedge Shims, Stackable Shims & Custom Shims


  • Help with the installation of heavy equipment and machinery
  • Leveling of equipment, machinery and other materials
  • Align multiple units in place and to other systems

Flat Plate Shims, U-Shaped Shims, Wedge Shims & Stackable Shims


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