After meticulously going through your safety checklist and donning all the necessary safety equipment, the unthinkable happens. You slip on a wet spot and you find yourself suspended 50 ft above the ground. Thoughts race through your mind as you hang there helplessly, when will someone be alerted about my fall, how long will it take them to rescue me?!

Free Yourself from Danger

Fear no more, as Capital Safety has developed the DBI-SALA® Self-Rescue System. This simple to use piece of equipment is a fast and effective rescue plan that helps minimize risk for you, your co workers, and emergency response personnel. The DBI-SALA® Self-Rescue unit is a flexible device that quickly attaches to nearly every safety harness and allows you to lower yourself down to safety after a fall from height. Watch the video below and read on to learn more about the features and benefits of this new innovative self rescue system. And be sure to check out to shop for the New Capital Safety Self-Rescue System, along with all your other Personal Protection Equipment needs!

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Universal harness attachmentCapital Safety Self Rescue System
    • Add the benefits of a self-rescue device without the added expense of purchasing a new harness.
  • EZ-Link™ D-ring for fast connections
    • The EZ-Link™ stand-up D-ring provides a simple, fast connection point for your lanyards or personal self-retracting lifelines.
  • 50 ft. / 100 ft. of 5.5 mm rope
    • You can choose from the 50 ft. (15.2m) or 100 ft. (30.5 m) models, providing you more flexibility and convenience.
  • Assisted-rescue ring for incapacitated user
    • The assisted-rescue ring allows for remote access and deployment by a colleague if you become incapacitated after a fall.
  • Sealed descent device and rope spool extends longevity
    • The Self-Rescue device is built to withstand the rigors of harsh environments.
  • Molded padding provides durability and comfort
    • Molded padding protects from additional wear and tear from personal SRLs.
  • Lightweight, low profile design
    • Lightweight, low profile design minimizes impact on user’s motion.
  • Equipped with i-Safe™
    • A built-in RFID identification tag helps the user record and store information on inspections.