Metal Framing & Hardware

A big advantage of using strut channel & metal framing systems in construction applications is the multitude of options available for quickly and easily connecting lengths together and other items to the strut channel, using various strut-specific fasteners. Channel can be assembled quickly with minimal tools and inexpensive labor, which reduces costs significantly in many applications. A strut channel installation can be modified or added-to easily if necessary. The expensive alternative to strut channel for many applications is custom fabrication using steel bar stock that requires welding and/or extensive drilling and bolting.

The inwards-facing lips on the open side of strut channel are used to mount channel nuts, braces, connecting angles, and other types of fittings to join lengths of strut channel together or to connect pipes, wire, threaded rod, bolts, or walls into the strut channel structural system.

The most popular strut channel sizes are 1 5/8” x 1 5/8″ and 1-5/8” x 13/16. The material used to form the channel is typically 12 gauge or 14 gauge thick sheet metal. Several variations are available with different hole patterns for mounting to walls and supports. Solid channel has no holes predrilled and must be drilled on-site. Punched channel has round holes, large enough for threaded steel rod or bolts, punched in the top of the channel at regular 1 7/8 inch centers. Half-slot channel has short, rounded end rectangular slots punched out on 2” centers. Slot channel has longer slots on 4” centers. Tanner has the metal framing hardware and accessories to help make working with strut channel easier and cost effective.

To form stronger structural elements, shapes are manufactured with two lengths welded together back to back, or three or four welded together in various patterns Strut is mostly manufactured out of sheet steel with electroplated, perma-gold, pre-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized coatings. Strut channels are also manufactured from stainless steel or aluminum alloy, in cases where rusting might become a problem or where weight is an issue.