Elco’s Flex Technology Line of Products Far Surpasses Any Standard Fastening Format Available

Delayed embrittlement is a common, but potentially catastrophic downfall that standard case hardened fasteners are subject to. Delayed embrittlement is brought on by the presence of hydrogen, which is generated in dissimilar metal applications. To combat this problem, Elco Construction Products has developed a line of fastening products that utilize Flex Technology. These Flex Technology fasteners were developed for high performance and to be virtually immune to delayed embrittlement failures. These fasteners are manufactured with special alloy materials that have received proprietary heat treatments and tempering processes. Flex Technology fasteners enhance the performance of critical connections and all feature a multi-layered, durable Stalgard corrosion resistant coating. Read on to learn more about some of these great Flex Technology Fasteners that are available to you.

Dril-Flex® Structural Self-Drilling Fasteners

Virtually Immune to Hydrogen-Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking for Maximum Performance

Dril-Flex® Structural Self-Drilling Fasteners are designed to help prevent hydrogen-induced brittle failures. These fasteners are tested in accordance to ASTM standards, Dril-Flex® fasteners have proven to provide the same resistance to hydrogen-assisted cracking (HAC) as a Grade 5 fastener. Dril-Flex® fasteners are developed with the unique Flex Technology dual-hardening process. These fasteners are then finished with a silver Stalgard coating to provide a superior corrosion resistance and enhanced galvanic compatibility. The combination of the dual-hardening process along with the Stalgard coating, result in making Dril-Flex® fasteners the ideal fastening solution for demanding construction applications.

Features & BenefitsDril-Flex® Structural Self-Drilling Fasteners

  • Self-drilling point to ensures consistent, reliable drilling and tapping
  • Eliminates separate drilling and tapping operations
  • Higher hardness point and lead threads (HRC 52 min.)
  • Lower hardness load bearing threads (HRC 28-34)
  • Silver Stalgard corrosion resistant coating – superior to zinc or cadmium-based finishes
  • Virtually immune to delayed HASCC brittle failures
  • Provides the same high resistance to hydrogen-assisted failure as a Grade 5 fastener
  • Provides enhanced galvanic compatibility in dissimilar metal applications
  • Approvals: ICC ES ER-4780 Legacy Report; COLA (City of Los Angeles) Research Report #25095

Bi-Flex™ Bi-Metal Fasteners

Corrosion Resistance of 300 Series Stainless Steel and the Efficiency of Drill Screws

Bi-Flex™ Bi-Metal Fasteners utilize bi-metal technology to create a single, unique fastening system that resists visible corrosion and is virtually immune to hydrogen-induced stress corrosion failures. Bi-Flex™ fasteners are made from 300 series (18-8) stainless steel alloy to provide corrosion resistance in even the toughest environments. They feature a fused and hardened steel drill point and lead threads. This allows the Bi-Flex™ fasteners to quickly drill and tap structural steel and aluminum up to 1/2″ thick. These fasteners also feature a silver Stalgard® GB coating, a galvanic barrier helps protect aluminum components from accelerated corrosion when in contact with 300 series stainless steel. The dependability and ease of installation make Elco’s Bi-Flex™ Bi-Metal Fasteners the best choice for your toughest construction applications.

Features & BenefitsBi-Flex™ Bi-Metal Fasteners

  • Bi-metal technology – 300 series (18-8) stainless steel head and shank
  • Fused and hardened steel drill point
  • Quickly drill and tap into steel or aluminum up to 1/2″ thick
  • Silver-colored Stalgard® GB coating
  • Greater galvanic compatibility in dissimilar metal applications involving aluminum
  • Wide variety of sizes and head styles
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance and long service life
  • High strength, ductility, and reliability
  • Virtually immune to delayed embrittlement failures
  • High in-place value over the life of structures, components, and systems
  • Approvals: City of Los Angeles (COLA) Research Report: RR25886 (CSI #05 05 23)

Elco’s Family of Fastening Products Available at Tanner

At Tanner we pride ourselves on supplying you with the full line of Elco’s Flex Technology Fasteners, as well as their Metal Fasteners and Concrete Anchors. Some of these top brands include Aggre-Gator® Bi-Metal Masonry FastenersAlumi-Flex™ 302 Stainless Steel Self Drilling ScrewsTap-Flex® Thread Forming Structural ScrewsUltraCon® Masonry Fasteners, and much more! Along with all these great Elco fasteners, Tanner also offers a wide variety of Standard Self Drilling Screws. In our Self Drilling Screws Department you will find 18-8 Stainless Steel, 410 Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel options.