When you’re shopping for anchors, you may notice that many of them will say that they are “code compliant.” If you’re new to the world of purchasing anchors, you may not fully understand what this means, and the value of them.  To help you become much more knowledgeable about purchasing the best anchors on the market, we will tell you the meaning behind “code compliant anchors.”


About Code Compliant Anchors


When someone builds a building, the builder is expected to make the structure as safe as possible. This includes every type of structure imaginable such as condos, malls, hospitals, schools, and more. During the construction, everyone involved in the planning and building phases must be sure they are considering the structural safety of the building. The point of this is to ensure that once the structure is complete, it is stable and strong to withstand damage and most elements.

To hold owners, engineers, contractors, inspectors and code officials responsible for the safe construction of structures, International Building or Residential Codes have been implemented. Currently, 49 states have these codes in effect.

In these codes, all individuals working on the planning, design and construction of structures must use code compliant items to remain within the parameters of the code. Those not using code compliant items can and will receive ramifications.

It’s important to know that in these codes, there are some structures in which you do not need to use code compliant anchors. This includes non-structural anchoring. An example of non-structural anchoring is drywall fastening. Since the drywall doesn’t directly affect the strength of the structure, the code does not require code compliant anchors.

The code does make a point to advise people involved in structure construction: anytime steel anchors and adhesive anchors must be used, they must be code compliant. While most of these anchors are compliant, you may sometimes find some that do not mention code compliance. When a product doesn’t say that it is code compliant, it does not meet the compliance standards. It’s best to always check with the manufacturer of the product or call the distributor with questions about compliance.  (Tanner Fasteners is always happy to answer code compliance questions for you).


It’s for the Best


The International Building or Residential Codes aren’t put into place to make your life more difficult or cause you to have to spend more money. They are enforced to ensure the safety of everyone living, working, or visiting newly built structures. When you think of the devastation of a building falling apart while people are inside, it can make you feel much more compelled to seek out the items under the code’s compliance guidelines.


At Tanner Fasteners and Industrial Supplies, we provide the best supply of code-compliant anchors. We also have a wide selection tamper proof screws and grinding wheel. No matter the construction project you’re facing, we will do everything in our power to provide you with the supplies you need to get the job done quickly, easily, and safely. Call us today with any questions at toll free 800-456-2658.