Just recently, a customer contacted us from the field looking for a 12” wall anchor to install a metal door frame into a hollow block wall. No local supply house carried such an item. Tanner stocks a sleeve anchor extender that allows for a standard 5″ or 6″ sleeve anchor to be extended in 1-1/4″ increments.


The customer used 5 extenders per anchor hole to reach his required minimum anchor length. And he was able to finish the job quickly and easily – without what he thought would be additional masonry or metal work. Smart suppliers will work with you and customize a solution to your needs. There is no reason to feel locked into standard products, which will deliver disappointing results.

Philosophically speaking, in any modern industry, problems are to be expected. That is simply a reflection of our fast-changing world. What is more important are the solutions  we come up with — not just flimsy “band-aid fixes,” but solutions of substance like the one described above. They translate into significant savings in time, money and materials.