MS Glass, LLC is a leading provider of commercial glass construction solutions for both interior and exterior commercial glass and glazing. Based in Houston, TX, MS Glass works with general contractors and developers to offer various glass products, including curtain walls, storefronts, sunshades, window walls, glass walls, and specialties.


Nick Emmert is the senior project manager at MS Glass and is responsible for procuring fasteners, anchors, and tools for projects. We recently spoke to Nick about what he looks for from a glazing fastener supplier and why he uses Tanner.



What are some of the most important things you look for in a supplier you purchase from?


Why do you use Tanner?


Do you have any examples where Tanner has helped you out?


Is there a way that Tanner can improve to serve you better?




Items we have discussed.
Elco Fasteners



Tanner, Has You Covered





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