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ICC-ES Reports for Code Compliant Anchors

ESR-2966 ICC-ES Report for Power-Stud+SD1 Wedge Anchor (Masonry Anchorage) ESR-2582 ICC-ES Report for AC100+Gold All Weather Injection Adhesive ESR-2818 ICC-ES Report for Power-Stud+SD1 Wedge Anchor (Concrete Anchoring) ESR-2526 ICC-ES Report for Wedge-Bolt+ Screw Anchor...

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Q&A on Code Compliant Anchors for Concrete

There has been a lot of information and some confusion about the new requirements for mechanical and adhesive anchors as it relates to the 2006 IBC Building Code. At the Stafda show last November...

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300 Series Stainless Steel Fasteners

Two new products have caught my eye recently, both 300 series stainless products with unique features. If your job requires fastening and anchoring in exposed, wet areas, coastal, aggressive environments these products are for...