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AC100+Gold Low Temperature Installation News

Tanner distributes AC100+Gold, manufactured by Powers Fasteners, an excellent adhesive anchoring product used to bond threaded rod and reinforcing bar into solid concrete and masonry base materials. AC100+  is an all weather product, with the distinction...

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Anchor Compliance Is Now The Law In Most States

  Beginning with the 2003 building code specific requirements for mechanical anchors were directly referenced in the code. Then, the 2006 and 2009 versions of the code brought in adhesives as a viable alternative...

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ICC-ES Reports for Code Compliant Anchors

ESR-2966 ICC-ES Report for Power-Stud+SD1 Wedge Anchor (Masonry Anchorage) ESR-2582 ICC-ES Report for AC100+Gold All Weather Injection Adhesive ESR-2818 ICC-ES Report for Power-Stud+SD1 Wedge Anchor (Concrete Anchoring) ESR-2526 ICC-ES Report for Wedge-Bolt+ Screw Anchor...